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City of Huntsville may issue citations for obstructed curbs and gutters

The city of Huntsville is reminding you to keep your curbs, gutters, ditches and sidewalks free of debris. It's a new city ordinance adopted over the summer.

That includes dirt, trash, debris, gravel, yard waste, grass clippings, grass, and weeds. The city says debris-free curbs and gutters have a big impact on safety and government spending.

“This is a relatively new ordinance, and we want to ensure homeowners are aware of this responsibility,” Director of Public Works Chris McNeese said. “If everyone does their part to be a good neighbor, we can minimize the maintenance needed on Huntsville roadways and keep Huntsville beautiful at the same time."

According to Ordinance 21-311, “The owner or person otherwise in control or possession of private premises shall maintain private drainage facilities located on the premises so that such drainage facilities will not become a hazard to or interfere with the use, function, or physical integrity of nearby public streets or public drainage improvements."

The law applies to residential streets in 25 mph speeding zones. If the curb and gutter abutting a residential property is obstructed, Public Works will notify the occupant of the home and ask that the debris be removed within a 15-day time period. If the debris is not removed, the Huntsville Police Department may issue a citation.

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