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256 Realty is a boutique real estate firm specializing in investments in the Huntsville, AL region and surrounding locations. Our goal is to work with established real estate investors from all over the world who are dedicated to building their portfolio. Whether you are a new investor at the start of your journey or a seasoned investor looking to expand your investments, we are here to assist you. Our ideal client owns anywhere between 2-20 rental homes and is looking to add even more. While many real estate firms merely provide property management, 256 Realty is dedicated to nurturing your investments and increasing your passive income. 256 Realty will also be working around the clock to find new properties for you, but we will be more than happy to help if you come to us with a property in mind. When the time comes, 256 Realty will broker the deal, manage the property, and grow and nurture your real estate investments. We know that growth is important to you, because we are investors ourselves. 256 Realty has a combined 30 years of investing experience, and we will not tell you to do anything we have not done ourselves. Due to the long-term nature of the relationships we have with our clients, 256 Realty is able to boast some of the lowest fees in the area. We pride ourselves on the fact that we charge NO hidden fees. The passive income generated from your investments is life changing. It can pay for your child’s college fund, enable early retirement, and provide greater financial freedom. If you are serious about investing, shoot us a call or email. We look forward to assisting you.

Investor FAQ

Do you handle evictions? If this is your first question, I highly suggest that you rethink your commitment to growing a rental portfolio. Since opening in 2019, we have not been forced to file a single eviction. We are glad to say that we have had a 100% success rate with receiving rental income. While there is always a chance a tenant could default on rent, we are prepared to take the necessary steps to collect rent and remove the tenant if it comes to that. We take care of every step in the eviction process. __________________ What do fees look like? 256 Realty only charges two fees: A $100 set-up fee. This fee is paid only ONCE per property. There are no fees for re-leasing to a current tenant or finding a new tenant. This fee is deducted from the proceeds after the first month’s rent is paid. It is not due up front. A 10% monthly recurring fee. If the rent on one of your properties is $2000 per month, 256 Realty receives $200 per month. 256 Realty does not charge fees for home repairs such as rekeying locks or for legal issues such as eviction. While we will take care of such issues for you, we will NEVER charge a fee. While the price of the repair or service will be your responsibility, 256 Realty will never charge its own fee for those services. __________________ Can I do inspections with you? This is not possible. The goal of 256 Realty is to do these things for you and take work off of your hands. You are entitled to visit your property as often as you would like, but 256 Realty will not be a part of that. __________________ What does the rental process look like? After you sign the leadership agreement and hand the keys to us, 256 Realty: Takes pictures, places the home on the market, and sets up showings Leases the property, collects and disburses rent to you, and handles inspections and maintenance issues Completes the move-out process once the tenant vacates at the end of the lease We handle everything. __________________ What does the payment process look like? All payments will be disbursed to you via direct deposit and is the only method of payment offered. We require you to fill out a direct deposit form and provide a voided check to the account you desire your funds to be sent to. Monthly statements, leases, and other data can be accessed through the Buildium owner portal. __________________ How does 256 Realty screen for applicants? 256 Realty’s screening process sets us apart from other management companies. All tenants are subject to/must prove: A credit report Rental or homeownership history Employment and income verification Proof of liability insurance Huntsville is home to Redstone Arsenal and Huntsville Hospital, two of the highest paying employers in the region. This area boasts a high quality tenant base with a high income level and phenomenal credit scores. __________________ Can I be involved with the screening process? ​ No. __________________ Can I ask for a “no smoking policy” in the lease? Paying for damages related to smoking is covered under the Lessee Obligations section in the lease. ________ Can we strictly say “no pets” in the advertisement for the rental? We can clarify “no pets” in advertising. You can be as strict as you want with pets. However, a "no pets" advertisement may significantly reduce the ability to lease the property. We prefer to have the final call on pets. We always analyze the applicant's likelihood of maintaining the property with a pet in place. __________________ Do you serve properties in all areas of Madison County? We handle homes in much of the Madison County area. Our average rental home leases for over $1,200. However, we are willing to take properties slightly under this amount based on several factors such as marketability, turnover frequency and characteristics of the home. We do have the right to turn down leadership of any property for any reason.

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