Joshua Davis

What is the most important thing that a real estate professional does for their client? Negotiate sales prices? Show houses? Give advice about where to live? My first real estate licensing teacher made it clear the first day of class – the number one goal of real estate agents is to protect the consumer. The agent must be an advocate for the consumer’s best interest and provide guidance for what they may not know. A consumer can be a buyer, seller, renter or property owner. My mission is to serve each and every client with proper care and guidance.

I have held an Alabama real estate license since 2006 and a broker license since 2015. I have been involved in rental property leadership since 2004. I am an active real estate investor and have purchased at least one rental property per year for the last 12 years. 

I have a Business Administration (Accounting) degree from Auburn University and an MBA from Auburn University Montgomery. Prior to making a full-time career in real estate leadership, I spent five years in public accounting with two CPA firms, where I prepared tax returns, conducted audits and provided monthly bookkeeping and write-ups for small businesses.


As an investor, I have purchased over 15 properties and converted them all to rental properties with great success. I still oversee every rental house I own, spanning four counties in Alabama. I use my "real life" knowledge of business and investing to prepare and guide my clients to their goals. 


Joshua Davis

Broker, 256 Realty



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