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My last count shows there are over 2,000 licensed agents in Madison County and over 16,000 in Alabama. It can be a difficult task to find the right agent to work with. Likewise, it is equally important for an agent to know if they want to work with a particular client. It is easy for both parties to overlook this crucial element which can lead to poor performance and unattainable goals. Hopefully, after you have read this piece, we will both know whether we are a good fit for one another.

We can tell you that we are hard-working, knowledgeable of the market and easy to communicate with. But so will every other agent. You must distinguish what sets each agent apart. We will provide you with good, concrete information about your home and an accurate assessment of what you can expect with it on the market. We do not offer silly inducements to procure a listing. You will not find any gimmicks or misleading promises here. What you will find is accuracy and information to prepare you for the best chance to sell your house.

Homeowners tend to have a subjective view of their home. We often hear sellers say “my home is worth more than what the market says” simply because they have personal affection for the home. Not many buyers will place a monetary value on the fact that your kids grew up in the house. They will place it at the same value as competing homes with comparable furnishings, neighborhood amenities, HOA standards, etc. Sellers also tell us “I must get [x] amount of dollars from this sale to recover some of what I put into it.” This is usually because they had to make some expensive repairs (new roof, HVAC, flooring, etc) and want to be compensated for it. We do not know any buyers that are eager to pay you an additional amount to get the makings of a house in working condition. A leaking roof or HVAC that doesn’t cool in the summer will bring your house down a level quicker than a new roof or HVAC will raise it. These things are expected to work but do not expect to get offers for more than what comparable homes are getting. However, granite counter tops, hardwood floors and custom cabinetry can add value to the home. These are things that every other home in the neighborhood may not have and can lead to an added overall value.

Many homes prices have fallen dramatically since 2008. If you bought your house a few years prior to 2008 there is a good chance the market value is well below the price you paid for the property. Buyers are looking at current market prices and what you paid for it 8-10 years ago is irrelevant. I understand if you cannot take a loss such as this by selling the home. If this is the case, I encourage you to look into our property management services part of the website.

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